Stuido44 Architects

We are an architecture and interior design firm working towards making your dreams come true.


What do Studio44 Architects do?

Studio44 is a young Chennai based Architecture firm, developing architectural and interior projects across wide varied range and scale, engaging to leverage knowledge and creativity, realism and imagination, function and culture.

Since when have you been practicing?

Studio44 Architects was founded in the year 2012.

What style of architecture do you practice?

Our designs can be broadly categorized as Contemporary. Our style will however encompass an array of traditional and modern architecture, re-imagined to the creativity of our architects.

Are you a registered architect?

Yes. Information on every registered architect and professional code of conduct is governed by ‘Council of Architecture’ (COA) and can be verified upon request.

Are all Architects the same?

No. It would be impossible for two architects to have the same education, knowledge, skills, attributes and thought process, even though all architects go through the same licensing process in India. It is recommended that you evaluate at least three architectural firms and determine who would be a good fit in view of understanding, capability and ethics as it is important that you trust your architect through the course of the project as collaboration is key.

How can hiring an Architect help me?

While Design scheme is the primary offering an architect would bring to table, there are a number of key, allied services an architect will support you on in the course of a project, leveraging their technical know how and expertise.

a. Analyzing project location and zone to achieve maximum FSI and propose
building design typology, as permissible by CMDA guidelines.
b. Access to SME/consultants such as geotechnical engineers, structural engineers etc. who will cater to specific needs in course of the project
c. Design consultation bearing in mind natural lighting, ventilation, water conservation, outdoor view and other functional aspects that add value, besides the aesthetic appeal.
d. Site visit at scheduled intervals to ensure progress in line with plan and clarify any queries from the General Constructor through the course of construction.

What is the value in having a complete set of Architectural design drawings and specifications prior to starting the project?

Well, planning is crucial in any line of work or job to be delivered. Architectural design drawings and specifications will break down and detail various aspects that will come handy for following reasons primarily-
a. Cost projection and budgeting in line with material specs, labor etc.
b. Forecasting construction schedule and timeline
c. Detailed drawings will help give clarity to the construction team

What will be your turn around time for a project – new/ renovation/ addition?

Each project is unique by design, scale and specifications. Hence, timelines will be varied. After gathering initial requirements from the client, we should be able to communicate estimated timeline.

What kind of projects do Studio44 Architects undertake?

We primarily focus on building construction and have undertaken projects of varied scale/type – houses, apartment, office and restaurant. We also cater to Interior designing, building renovation and extension.

Do you consider the work you to good value for money?

Our range of architectural services provides exceptionally good value for money.
Our professional attention to detail in enabling most efficient use of space and careful selection of materials and finishes, sustainable technologies to preserve water and save energy will focus on adding value overall.

What is Studio44 Architects role during construction of my project?

Our team is committed to ensuring smooth and quality construction of each project. We will work closely with you and the construction team to ensure the project is progressing as planned and designed. We will visit the project site at scheduled intervals to have regular meetings with contractors and consultants in answering queries, guidance or clarifications required on plan and sort any issues that may erupt, that is within our scope.

Can we see any of your built works?

We can guide you to our projects that are under construction. But regarding our finished projects, we prefer to respect the client’s privacy and let you access only the documentation of the project (photos/ renders/ videos that are available)

How does Studio44 determine a project fee?

Studio44 has an architecture fee structure for basic services, which includes structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering, as well as standard construction administration services when based on awarding a single construction contract. When specific building types require additional services, such as Civil Engineering, Food Services, Acoustical Engineering, Data-Telecommunications, etc., those services and additional costs will be provided through Studio44 Architects.

What would be the best way to reach you?

We operate 6 days a week, 10.00AM to 6.00PM on weekdays and 10.00AM to 1.00PM on Saturdays. Best way to reach us will be at our office phone – 044-43565581. Alternatively, you can leave us a note to and we will connect to you.

What should we bring when we come to meet you first?

It would be advisable to bring a copy of the sketch of the site. Photos/ Videos of the site will be helpful too. And a brief of the project requirement.

When would you visit the site?

After the first meeting, we will schedule site visit on a mutually convenient day/ time, to take things forward.

Do we have to pay an advance before starting the project?

Yes. We have a standard payment terms that will be explained to you. The first payemnt is to be made on project confirmation with Studio44 Architects.

Do you give us several options of design to choose from?

No. Design for each project will be worked in line with requirements and expectations communicated by the client in first one or two meetings.  When we detail their design, we work out several possibilities and ultimately show the clients what we think is the best for them. If the clients have helped us understand them completely, we would be showing them what is best for their project.

If we already have a plan from some other source, would you detail/ design the rest of such a project?

No. We prefer to start the project from the scratch to ensure the best from us as Architects.

What will we show you along the way to explain the project?

Varies with project complexity and may include:
a. Sketches,
b. 3D views,
c. Digital models,
d. Physical models,
e. Color drawings,
f. Material samples,
g. Detailed construction plans and specifications.